lavender lip balm

It's january and it feels like spring here in Sweden. Our winter dream just lasted two weeks and the temperatures rised again to +8 degrees.
But anyways I usually work, up to two days a week on an organic farm close to Nyköping.
The rough winter weather gave me the last weeks sore and broken lips, so I developed a simple recipe
for a vegan lavender lip balm.
All you need on tools is a pot filled with a bit of water, a glass, a thermometer and a wooden spoon.

lavender lip balm
  • 2 gr carnauba wax
  • 8 gr cacao butter
  • 5 gr coconut oil or shea butter
  • 5 gr jojoba oil
  • 2 drops essential lavender oil

Mix all the ingredients in a glass and let the waxes melt in a water bath. Check the temperature, it should not go over 75 dregress ( celcius ).

When everything is dissolved add 2 drops of essential lavender oil and fill in the lipstick forms or a small cosmetic container. Let it cool down in the fridge over night.


  1. Das sieht wirklich toll aus! Du machst auch immer so schöne Fotos von all den Dingen die du zauberst! Welche Kamera bzw. welches Objektiv verwendest du?


    1. Vielen lieben Dank Hannah :-) ich benutz 2 Kameras. Eine Nikon d3100 mit ganz normalen gängigem Objektiv, welches beim Kauf schon dabei war und danbenen, besonders für die Nahaufnahmen eine Sony dslr a 200 mit einem Minolta 15mm, f1.8 Objektiv :-)
      Grüsse Sina

  2. Looks great! Can İ use beeswax istead of carnauba wax?

  3. Looks great! Can İ use beeswax istead of carnauba wax?

    1. yes you can but I would then double the amount of it cause it gives not such a hard consistenz like the carnauba wax.


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