raw vegan, activated buckwheat granola

A few weeks ago I tried the first time raw vegan granola and really liked it. Especially the crunchy texture of the buckwheat was a poem to my tongue.
Inspired by this I came up with an own recipe. I used a higher amount of dried fruits, cause I like it a bit sweeter. My recipe takes about 3-4 days. Yes your read right, it really takes that long. The reason lies in the activation of the nuts, seeds and pseudo grains.

What means activating? It means soaking a part of the ingredients over a longer period. Nuts, seeds and pseudo grains are full with important proteins, minerals and healthy fats, but next to this they also contain phytic acid, polyphenols and goitrogens.  Through soaking you basically break down the amount of phytic acid, polyphenols and goitrogens. This helps our body to digest much easier and also to absorb a higher amount of minerals.

For this recipe I soaked the buckwheat for 36 hours, make sure if you soak it over such a long period to change the water all 12 hours. The other seeds and nuts I just soaked over night. The soaked flax and chia seeds will work like a binder in the recipe, this is what makes everything  stick together.


  • 4 dl buckwheat (soaked for at least 24 hours)
  • 1 dl flax seeds (soaked over night)
  • 1/2 dl chia seeds (soaked over night)
  • a handfull copped dated (soaked over night)
  •  3 dl dried mulberries
  •  2 dl dried apple bits
  •  2 dl copped dried dates
  •  2 taplespoons melted coconut oil
Mix all the ingredients together. Place the mixture on a baking sheet or if you have a dehydrator on the trays.
The thiner you spread the faster it will be done. If you do it in the oven use the lowest temperature ( not higher than 50 degrees celcius ) and make sure not to close the door. Just place a towel or a cooking spoon between the door, so it can not close and the moisture can leave the oven.
Now it's time for waiting. In the oven it takes around 14 hours, in a dehydrator around 8-10 hours.
But it's definately worth it!


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