healing salve

Working on a farm and spending a lot of time outside is always leaving it's marks on my body.
My legs and hands look horrable during the spring and summer time. Too much soil and mosquito bites
give me dry, broken skin and small wounds. Therefor I always have a small container calendula salve at home.
This is a recipe for a very easy basic vegan salve. I also replace the calendula oil with other herb oils like st. john wort ( perfect for scars) or comfrey ( rheumatism and wound healing ).
Herb oil you can do so easy by yourself, just fill a jar with fresh herbs ( they shouldn't be wet, otherwise it can mold ) cover it with olive oil, lock the jar and place it for 4 weeks on a sunny place. Then filter it and fill it in a clean container. Store it in the fridge.

herb salve 
  • 6 gr carnaubawax
  • 100 ml herb oil
  • 35 gr sheabutter
  • 10 gr coconut oil
  • 5 gr cacao butter
  • a few drops essential oils ( I used lavender, to promote the natural wound healing and geranium, to stop bleeding)

Mix all the ingedients in a jar and let them melt in a water bath ( add the essential oil at least ). Fill it in cosmetic containers and let it cool down. Store it in the fridge.


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