classic spelt farmers bread

There is nothing more comforting then the scent of fresh bread. Every home feels directly so much more cozy and welcoming, covered in this wonderful scent.
We do not eat a lot of bread, so I usally just make yeast breads. Sour dough just dies to fast in our fridge.
Over the time I tried out a lot of bread recipes, but non turned out like this wonderful stone oven farmers bread with this great bubble structure in the dough. After getting a bit into the topic on "how to bake the perfect bread" at home in a simple electric oven I finally could develop this recipe. One of the most important parts is the steam part. Just with a lot of steam the bread turns out really nice. I usually place a huge casserole form in the bottom of the oven and fill it with boiling water.

pre ferment
  • 250 gr spelt flour
  • 200 gr water
  • 4 gr salt
  • 2 gr fresh yeast
 Mix the ingredients. I usally first dissolve the yeast in the water before adding it. Mix it to a nice dough, then place the dough for at least 12 hours at a nice warm place ( it should not be over 40 degress celcius, otherwise the yeast dies ) and cover it with a kitchen towel. I stear the dough in between. Don't wonder the dough is very sticky.

final dough
  • 150 gr spelt flour
  • 50 gr whole grain spelt flour
  • 50 gr whole grain rye flour
  • 180 gr water
  • 4 gr salt
  • 3 gr fresh yeast
  • spices ( I always use  Trigonella caerulea some also say bread clover to it)

Mix the ingredients like with the pre ferment. Add the pre ferment. You should have a dough which is easy to form but still a bit sticky. Let it rest for another 2-3 hours and fold it every hour. You can find great youtube videos with folding instructions. It's important to not knead the bread too much. Spelt flour works better if you let it rest longer.
Form the bread to a loaf and try to tension the outer skin pretty good. Let it rest under a pillow for another 1,5 hours.
Preheat the oven with a lot of steam on 250 degree ( celcius ).
Bake the bread for 15 min on 250 degrees ( to develop a nice crust ) then turn down to 200. I bake the bread for 20 min on 200 degress then I turn the bread, so the bottom gets baked better. Bake it for another 20-25 min. The bread is done if it sounds hollow when knocking on it. Let it cool down and enjoy!


  1. Oh das sieht super lecker aus! Habe mir auch vorgenommen, mehr Brot selber zu backen. Habe so viele Rezepte dazu!


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