brownie coconut cream cake

Weekends are my baking days. I enjoy to use the quietness of a weekend day and create something in the kitchen.
Yesterday was the first of may and spring finally really arrived here in Sweden. Even though today is a cold rainy day. But nature will love it.
I used this rainy grey day and made one of my favourite cakes. It is a very simple spelt brownie layered cake with whipped coconut cream.

  • 350 gr spelt flour
  • 180 gr coconut sugar
  • 100 gr cacao
  • 200 gr chocolate
  • 200 ml sunflower oil
  • 600 ml nut milk
  • 2 tsp baking pouder
  • salt, vanilla pouder
Mix the dry ingredients. Melt half of the chocolate in a water bath, chop the other half in small bites. Give the small bites to the other dry ingredients. Mix the sunflower oil with the melted chocolate and mix it with the dry ingredients. Add the nut milk and mix it for ca. 5 minutes. I just have one small spring form so I split the dough in half and bake one at a time for 40 minutes on 180 °C in the oven.
Let the cake layers cool down

coconut cream
  • 3 cans coconut milk ( chilled over night in the fridge )
  • icing pouder
Take the cans out of the fridge and open them. Take out the hardend part of the milk and give it in a bowl, add if wished a bit of sugar and mix it until you have a whipped cream consistens. Spread it on the cake layers and decorate with eatable leaves and flowers. Enjoy!


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