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Finally after three weeks vacation I found a peaceful moment to sit down and write this long promised blog post. I decided to split it in two parts now. Part one is all about the menstruation cup, part two will come later and I will introduce you to my favourite herbs against menstruation pain.

Since a bit longer than one and and a half years I use so called "mensturation cups". A menstruation cup, is a cup made out of soft medically silicon. You can insert it like a tampon. A menstruation cup is collecting your blood. Therefor it doesn't absorb. Good to know is also that exactly because of this there where so far no cases of TSS ( toxic shock syndrom ).

A while ago I got the great opportunity to test the menstruation cups of " Ruby cCup" and since then I am not using any other. I am usually very critical about testing and reviewing products, but Ruby Cup is perfectly fitting to this blog and worth to be supported in my opinion.
For everyone who hasn't heard about Ruby Cup so far here a few facts:
Ruby Cup was founded in 2011 by Maxie Matthiessen, Veronica D’Souza and Julie Weigaard-Kjaer.
Their mission is to provide good sustainable and healthy menstrual hygiene to woman and girls world wide.
If you buy a Ruby Cup, another one gets donated to a girl in Kenia. Other than here for a lot of girls in Kenia menstrual hygiene products are not affordable. Often they have to use old fabrics, cottonwool, dried leaves or even have to stay home rather than going to their job/ school.
Ruby Cups mission is to break the bloody taboo. Create a room open for conversations about menstruation and the female body and provide the girls/women with menstruation cups.

They where so friendly and sended me two cups. You can order ruby cup in size small and medium.
My favourite is the size small. But more or less because I was used to this size from my old menstruation cup. Like Ruby cup also wirtes on its webside you will be fine with both sizes. It doesn't matter how strong your menstruation is, both sizes will work. Size small is just recommended in case you are still a virgin.

Ruby Cups in size medium ( white ) and small ( pink, here I also cutted the stem a bit so it feels more comfortable while wearing)
So how to use the cup? There a two folding methods I mainly use:
folding technique 1 ( this one I use most)

folding technique 2 ( best for size medium )

The second one works very well with size medium how I experienced. I personally prefer to sit down on the toilet while inserting it.
Like Ruby Cup also writes on its webside, the most important part is to relax and not tensioning your muscles. Fold the cup and insert it like a tampon. You can feel with a finger around the cup if it fully opened. This is very important, because you don't want to leak I guess. Some use some water to insert it, I personally have than more difficulties to get it in.
You can emty the cup 2-4 times a day. I personally just do it two times a day. In the morning and in the evening, right before I go to sleep. So this is another great advantage to a tampon. A menstruation cup you can leave in 3-12 hours.
The "getting the cup out" part was for me in the begining the hardest part. It takes some time, but don't get desperate. The great thing about Ruby Cup are these lines at the bottom of the cup. This makes it so much easier to take it out. At my old menstruation cup I hadn't had these and damn they make it so super easy to get it out.

my old menstruation cups : the white one from lunette and the pink one from lady cup

To get the cup out I also sit on the toilet. RELAX that is even more important when taking it out. Go in with two fingers and reach for the cup ( the stem is there for support to reach easier for the cup ), press the end because you want to release the vacuum. Then just take it slowly out and empty it. If you have troubles reaching for it, try it like this:
Tension a few times your pelvic floor muscles, go into a squating postion and then take it out. This saved me during my very first atemp to use a menstruation cup. I was so nervous that I just couldn't get it out or relax.
But like I wrote before, Ruby Cup has these great thicker lines on the bottom, that makes it super easy to use. For me it took one period to get used to the use of a menstruation cup. In the beginning it just takes some time to understand your body and find the best technique for yourself.

Hygiene is here very important. Boil the cup for 5 minutes before you use it the first time ( later always right before your next mens). You want to have as less bacterias on it as possible. I started to give also a tee spoon apple vinegar in the water ( this prevents the cup for discoloration ) and I scrub it a bit out after every period. Before you insert it, always wash your hands!!!
If you emty it and directly want to insert it again, just rinse it out with water ( don't use any soap this might alter the pH of your vagina). If your not at home or in a puplic toilet you can either take a bottle of water with you and rinse it out or wipe it out with toilet paper. But make sure to always wash your hands!

So why use a menstruation cup?
Since I am using a menstruation cup my period feels so easy. Easy in the way that I don't have to change it like a tampon every 2nd hour. I can keep my cup in for 12 hours.
No annoying string haging out of your vagina what means no checking when going for a swim if something hangs out of your bikini bottoms.
I save money, a lot of money. If you treat your menstruation cup good then you can keep it for 10 years!
It is good for our enviroment. Menstruation cups are reusable and this like I said before for 10 years. You produce no garbage while using it and can als avoid to use so much cotton.
Your vagina likes it! It makes your vagina not feel dry. There are no cases of TSS ( toxic shock syndrom ).
You don't feel it. You can move as usual and this for 12 hours in a row if you want!
If traveling for a longer time you can pack lighter.

For even more informations to Ruby Cup, their mission and their cups check out their side:


  1. Yay! I use a menstrual cup too (I use the organicup brand but if I was to get another one it would be the Ruby cup) and it was the best decision. I think everyone should at least try them for all the reasons you listed. Also your blog and instagram are beautiful xx

  2. Yay! I use a menstrual cup too (I use the organicup brand but if I was to get another one it would be the Ruby cup) and it was the best decision. I think everyone should at least try them for all the reasons you listed. Also your blog and instagram are beautiful xx


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