this magical fairy tale world

Since I was a small kid I loved fairy tales. My mom used to read me the fairy tales by the brothers grimm as a good night story.
In germany we also have a big tradition,  every sunday at 12.00 o'clock there is coming a fairy tale on television.
This christmas I was watching a lot of the old and new fairy tale films again.
Like I wrote in the last post I am really in a creative flow at the moment, one of the gowls for 2016 is acutually to experiment more with different materials ( mostly ink ) and drawing bigger compositions.
I started at the end of 2015 with my first bigger fairy tale illustration to "the star money" by the brothers grimm. Today I finished another favourite "mother hulda".
Here are my instagram pictures but bigger and in better quality. All the rights are mine! If you want to use it please drop me a message and don't do it without my permission!

the star money ( all rights are mine!)
mother hulda ( all rights are mine)

a fast drawing of a magnolia, there will come definately more white on black illustrations


  1. I love these so much! Makes me want to start drawing again even though I'm not the best but it would be nice to practice again. You've also inspired me to re-learn how to knit as I haven't picked it up for years. I'm currently making my husband a scarf! :) xo

  2. Ach Sina, deine Kreationen sind einfach wunderbar! ♥ Ich liebe vor allem die Sterntaler!

  3. They are so beautiful and filled with a calm and deep atmosphere!Thank you for sharing your work!


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