thyme, sage infused chocolate cake with maple butter cream

2016 started with a lot of art projects. At the moment I really enjoy this creativ flow I am in.
I hope with this new year I will start to post more on this blog again. Recipes but also my creative work. It feels like the end of 2015 made me so lazy when it comes to updating my blog.
But that is how it is. I don't believe in forcing myself to things.

January is the month of birthdays. Not just my own also a lot of family members and friends have birthday this month.
I know I repreat myself but my favourite sweet thing will always be chocolate. And if you want to make a birthday cake, chocolate is always the one nearly everyone likes.

This chocolate cake is by itself not very sweet. Just the butter cream, because it just contains margarine and sugar. But I tried to take down the sugar amount in the actual cake dough.
I also got away from using coconut sugar, agave sirup or any of this so called " healthy sugar replacers" cause if you want to believe it or not. It is not any better than "normal" sugar.
Some sources to that topic you find here: ( 

There are plenty of more sources. So if you wanna stay healthy take dates or bananas, but most of the so called healthy sugar replacers are actually not any better than normal refined sugar. 
So I will stick from now on to the ingredient that gives my baking goods the consistency and taste I would like to have and just try to eat less processed foods and sugar in general. 

But to come back to my cake recipe. What would be life without any sugar from time to time in it. And a birthday without a super yummi cake. 
This recipe is very very simple and will work for everyone. You can of course experiment with the ingredients if you want. Some don't like thyme or sage so you can of course also use water or vegan nut milk or another herb tee. 
The recipe is written for one small cake ( 16,5 cm diameter) so if you want to have a cake like in the picture take the ingredients 3x and be sure to let the cake layers cool down. The texture is so more stable when you but them together to one big layered cake.

thyme, sage infused cake

- 300 gr spelt flour
- 70 gr sugar
- 150 gr vegan margarine ( melted) or neutral oil like sunflower
- 350 ml strong thyme/sage tee
- 60 gr cacao
- 3 tsp baking powder

Mix all the ingredients in a bowl. Mix them to a smooth dough and spread the dough in a small spring form ( 16,5 cm) then bake it for 40-50 min on 200 °C. Let it cool down.
For a layered cake you will need three of these cake layers. All should be cooled down when layering the cake.

vegan maple butter cream

- 200 gr vegan margarine
- 250 gr powdered sugar
- 4 tbsp maple syrup
- a pinch of vanilla powder

Sift the powdered sugar and then mix  with the remaining ingredients to an even smooth butter cream.
Now layer the cake like in this video:

and decorate if wished and enjoy!


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