vegan sugarfree chocolate pralines

I still eat no sugar, so far it is already one month and my body feels so great.
The craving for something sweet gets less and less and if... then this is my favourite

chocolate pralines 
  •  60 gr cacao butter melted
  • 80 gr coconut/ oat/ soy or nut milk
  • 35 gr cacao powder
  • 5 dates ( I use mainly fresh ones)
  • a pinch of vanilla powder
  • a pinch of salt
  • 5 drops organic essential orange oil

Melt the cocao butter. Blend the milk with the dates, until the dates are completely broken down ( like a date milkshake). Add the cacao butter and remaining ingredients. Blend until you have a smooth cream. Fill it in a , with plastic foil wrapped food container and chill it for 30min- 1 hr in the freezer.
Take it out and cut it in quarters. Store them in the fridge.


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