vegan lotion bars

It's this time of the year where I always suffer from really really dry skin. My current favourite against dry skin are lotion bars or body melts.
They keep my skin super long moist and are so super easy to make.

lotion bars
  • 20 gr shea butter
  • 20 gr mango butter ( you also can use cacao butter )
  • 40 gr coconut oil
  • 14 gr carnauba wax
  • a few drops essential oils

Give all the ingedients ( except the essential oil ) in a glas container ( you can use a clean jar) and melt them in a water bath. When everything is melted add essential oils of your choice. I like a strong scent so I use all in all 30 drops of my choice. Pour the mixture in molds. I use silicone soap molds. Place the molds in the fridge over night or at least for 3 hours. Then you can pop the bars out of the form.
You can use the lotions bars under the shower or like normal body lotion. They give you a perfect smooth skin! I store them in the fridge.

My favourite scents:

  • grapefruit
  • vanilla
  • lavender
  • geranium
  • ylang ylang
  • jasmin
  • rose
  • geranium 
  •  rosemary
  • lavender
  • fir
  • atlas cedar


  1. Die sehen echt super schön aus! Gefallen mir sehr gut!

  2. I love your soap molds. Thanks for the recipe!

  3. These are beautiful, i love the moulds. I found your blog through Instagram, and look forward to trying your lotion recipes. Do you know one to help fade scars?

    1. Thanks so much Anushka,
      My favourite remedy to fade scars is st. johns wort oil. You can buy it online or make by yourself in the summer. Give it before you go to sleep on the scar and this one will fade. Just be careful to not use it right before when going into the sun, it make the skin photosensitive and could cause dark marks on the skin.

      Take care,

  4. I love your recipes and botanical tips and illustrations!
    I am sharing your recipe here on my blog >

    Thank you



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