dandelion honey

I love honey, I always did. Even though I went on a vegan diet two and a half years ago, I still ate honey from time to time. I just ate it if I knew where it was coming from and it had to be organic preferable bio dynamic.
A couple of weeks ago I started a course on bio dynamic bee keeping. My plan was to get a top bar hive and keep bees "as natural as possible". But there was this feeling all the time of insecurity. How natural can someone really keep bees, can I handle that much responsibility and so on. I was really struggeling. I love bees, always had a great affinity and fascination for them.
When I went vegan I went vegan because I believe no being on this earth should suffer and taken advantage of just for my own personal good. I want to live in this world in an as equal relationship as possible with other beings. This means for to not live in a relationship of ownership. But exactly this is what we are doing when keeping bees. We think and behave as if we own them. We think because we take care of them we have the right to get their honey. While reading and learning more about bees the whole topic got more and more complex.
Keeping bees just didn't feel right anymore. I love them but I would lie if I would say I just want to keep them because they are wonderful beings. Of course my intention was to take out some honey. It was a process for me to really honestly understand that all the arguments I had for myself, on why I want to keep bees were selfish ones.

So instead of a bee hive you will find a insect hotel in our garden and with some luck maybe some wild bees are choosing us to be their neighbours.And instead of honey you will find like every year my beloved dandelion honey in our shelf.

And if you want to get more into the reasons why honey is not vegan watch this:



a good article in german you can find here:


dandelion honey

  • 5 handful fresh dandelion flowers ( pick them far away from conventional fields and traffic )
  • 1,5 liters of water
  • 1 kg organic brown sugar
  • juice of half a lemon
  • juice of half an orange 
Take the dandelion flowers and put them into the water. Let them soak for an hour.
Boil them shortly and let them then stand covered for ca. 12 hours.
Take the flowers out and filter the water. Add sugar, lemon and orange juice. Now start to boil the mixture. Let it one time boil up then lower the temperature and let it just simmer.
Tho reach honey consitancy can take several hours, for me it took between 2-3. Take always a sample out let it cool time and check if it has the consitancy you want to have is reached.
 If it is ready fill it in jars, let it cool down and enjoy!


  1. thanks a lot for the recipe !! Now it' s a little bit too late but I will try next year because I love so much honey !!
    I really love your blog and your Instagram ...


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