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Hej allihopa!

It was quiet here for a while. I probably repeat myself but I really would like to make this blog to a more constant thing and share a bit more of my daily life.
I am sure some of those who follow me on instagram recognized that I delete quiete often pictures. I started to be a bit too nerdy when it comes to colours and colour schemes, so whenever I feel a picture doesn't fit in the over all picture I delete it. Yap stupid but I can't stop it. That is also one of the reasons I would like to make my blog to a more constant thing and post some more or extra pictures here, instead of my instagram profile. Sorry for these nerdy / shallow words.
Besides of this I often get asked questions or asked for pictures I don't feel like uploading on instagram because they would need a bit longer conversation, explanation and it feels a blog is a better platform for this. So much about this :-) and lets start with a little  post about this weekend.

Autumn is currently on its highest peek here in Sweden. The forest is covered in golden/ red leafs and I finally found back to my old form. Summer always makes me a bit slow and tired but in autumn I gain back in strength.
At my working place ( ) it is all about harvesting and storing the last vegetables and preparing the veggie garden for the winter. I picked this week the last carrots, beets and parsnip I stored in the root cellar. I am a bit excited to use it, it is the first time so it will be interesting how it works out ( fingers crossed). If any of you has some tips on storing the best in a root cellar, please leave a comment or send me a mail! I am always thankful for new ideas, inspiration or tips.

At home we picked also the last veggies, sadly our cellar is a bit too warm and the garage too cold so we gave away a lot of veggies, froze some and I pickled the last cucumbers.The kale is still standing and will hopefully provide us also a bit into the winter with fresh green. We ( my partner Victor and I) started already to collect ideas for next years veggie garden, which probably will have the double amount of size like this year. But more about this in another post just about gardening :-)

In my free time I am knitting a lot and started some new art projects I hopefully soon feel like ready to share.
Here some impressions of my current knitting project the "Setesdal" kofta ( cardigan ) by Sandes Garn. I am also knitting it with 100% cotton yarn by SandesGarn. I started today the first sleeve. I really love the pattern and texture of the yarn. I currently try to ´"veganise" my knitting which is harder then I thought. I still have some wool yarns left I will use and one icelandic sweater project for a friend, but I will not buy any wool yarns in anymore when I am done with those. I still haven't found the perfect vegan yarn for my mittens. Most yarns are too thin or too thick, besides of this I prefer organic, 100% plantbased fibres.
But well here a picture of the current state of my kofta.

The finished kofta will be also available in my shop.

Saturday I spent the whole day on a "sharpening tools and knives" workshop here in town. A step into a more self- sufficient life is for me also the maintaing of my garden/ kitchen tools. I don't want to be dependent on buying all the time new tools when the old ones are not "good" anymore. Instead I want to learn more about maintaining and reparing them.
We learned in eight hours how to sharpen different tools on a machine and by hand with different whetstones.
It made super much fun, but it is really a whole craftsmanship on its own. I will need a lot more practice to be really really good in it.
Here a picture of the knives I sharpend. I am super happy about the result!

I also sharpend an axe and some garden sheares.

Today we ( Victors, his mom, her dog and me) went on a little day trip during lunch time.
We went to "femöre" just 15 minutes by car from Nyköping. It was so so beautiful!
The perfect place to spend a sunday afternoon. Here some impressions from our trip.

I will end this beautiful weekend with some more knitting and yummi dinner. Wish you all the best!


  1. Wie schön, mal mehr Bilder von dir zu sehen! Sind so schön geworden! Bin schon auf deinen Shop dieses Jahr gespannt!
    Schreibe dir auch bald wieder einen Brief!☻
    Fühl' dich gedrückt ♥


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