sour dough bread

 Today we had a special "Söndagslunch i Nyköping" at a very cute small christmas market here in town. 
We made two different vegan stews, which we served with sour dough bread.
I started already on friday to prepare the dough and used basically the whole saturday to bake. We just have a small oven so I just can bake one at a time. With a baking time of over an hour and eight breads it really took the whole saturday. 
But our apartment was filled with a wonderful scent and all the great feedback I got made it so much worth it.
For more information ( in swedish ) check out the " Söndagslunch" facebook page
I made three variations of a basic sour dough bread made with wheat and rye flour. One contained sesame seeds, one sunflower seeds and another one was a plain sour dough bread


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