knitting projects november/ december

I felt so productive in November and December. It feels great to get so much done. One of the things I forget so often is to write about are my knitting projects here on my blog.
I already started in October with a "kofta" like we say here in Sweden. It's my first project on my journey to change my knitting to vegan knitting. In the future I just want to use plantbased yarns and not be part of the whole livestock industry anymore.
So here are a few pictures of my "kofta" knitted with 100% cotton yarn after this pattern




Here are some impressions of my second knitting project. A classic Lopapeysa. This one was knitted for a friend and one of my last projects in wool ( still have some leftover yarns from previous projects I would like to use). We choose together the colours and pattern for the project. The pattern is inspired by Julias beautiful woodland sweater. I adjusted therefore this pattern by Järbo Garn. It was knitted with Istexs Létt Lopi yarn.
I already ordered some organic, fair trade cotton yarn to ty to knit a vegan Lopapeysa. Will be interesting how this one will turn out.

a work in process picture with my pattern book

ready to get blocket

a close up of the pattern after blocking

ready to be shipped, I love wrapping my orders


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