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A huge part of my self care routine are essential oils. In creams, oils or diffusers. Feeling good, cozy and safe is for me a matter of scent. I guess the most of you know the uncomfortable feeling of sleeping at another place then home and everything smells bad or weired. It makes you miss home even more and often gives you a light and unrelaxing sleep. 
Then there is the power of memories linked to a certain scent. I will probably always remember the scent of my kind, elegant and so well dressed grandpa or the comforting scent of my grandmas staircase. Scent does something with us, stimulates a part in us that is connected with so many emotions ( think what the scent of fresh baked bread does to people).
Treating myself with a wonderful scented body oil, feels for me like putting on my most beautiful and expensive dress. Covered in my favourite scent gives me more self aware of my body.
 It is this little extra thing that gives me sometimes the confidence I need for that day.
During the Winter I have very dry skin on my legs, I really need to nurish my skin therefore body oils are my favourite thing and it is so easy to mix. No long cleaning, preparing, disinfecting and mixing in the kitchen. It is made in about 5 minutes and one of the most easy natural skincare products to make for beginners.
This is my basic mixture for a body oil I use ( makes around 150ml) :

  • 2 tbsp coconut oil ( melted)
  • 100 ml jojoba oil
  • essential oils of your choice
The coconut oil gives more texture to the body oil and the jojoba oil is a very basic carrier oil fitting for every skin type. You can also replace it with:
  •  almond oil or apricot kernel oil for sensitive and dry skin
  •  thistle oil for impure, oily skin
    Mix the ingredients, fill it in a cosmetic container and store it cold and dark ( makes it last longer then in a warm, moist bathroom). My favourite part is the scenting of my body oil. I change from time to time but also figured out my favourite combinations over time.
for a woody, forest like scent
  • 5 drops atlas cedar
  • 2 drops eucalyptus
  • 3 drops lavender
for a more fresh, awakening scent I love this combination
  • 5 drops pink grapefruit
  • 3 drops litsea
  • 2 drops lemon
for tired and sore muscles ( you can even replace the carrier oil in the basic mixture with st. john's wort oil for a more therapeutic use --> just make sure to never go into direct sunlight when wearing st. johns wort oil, cause it makes the skin sensible for light)
  • 5 drops rosemary
  • 2 drops peppermint
  • 3 drops fir needle
I apply a body oil always on slightly moist skin directly after I have taken a shower. When you then put the oil on, it starts to be more like a emulsion on the body. Make sure to always use pure organic oils, it is better for you and the enviroment.
Another way to introduce more essential oils into your daily life are diffuser. I used for years a classic ceramic aroma lamp, which works really well for not much money. But a thing that always bothered me was that I burn the essential oils. After a while all the essential oils are burned and what is left is a more unpleasant smell.
A very good alternative are electric diffusers. They work more like a air humidifier while diffusing the oils with the water vapor and work without heat or burning the essential oils. Also 5 drops last here the whole day, in my aroma lamp they lasted just for an hour.
When choosing a electric diffuser check if they have a timer function. Like this you can have a wonderful scented room the whole day. I also prefer the ones that work without a battery.
I had the great opportunity to test the diffuser from the german brand "Primavera" for free.
It is so pretty, very quiete and works for me in the 2 hour mode the whole day. I love  the simplicity of the design and that the outer shell is made out of ceramic. You should check out their webside for even more information. I love to use their high quality organic essential oils as well. They have great oil blends, my favourite one is "Gute Laune".
For everyone in Germany is the aroma diffuser available directly over their webside 

Here is a list of my current favourite oils to diffuse:

  • lavender, a "have-to" I just love the scent of lavender so much and it makes me sleep much better
  • pink grapefruit in combination with geranium, brightens up my day and gives me extra engery
  • eucalyptus, lavender and pepermint when I start to feel like a cold could come


  1. i can totally relate to that! i'm mostly bothered by bad smell and wrong lighting. your pictures are very calming and i can sense the smell all the way across the ocean.

    best, zill.y


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