weekend / monthly favourites

Since I moved from home I try to avoid christmas celebrations. For one part I am not a believing person plus I really don't like the forced consumption during christmas time. We basically didn't celebrate at all christmas this year. We just went on a short visit to my partners grandparents and mom. Therefor we decided to give them a little "food" present we made by ourself.

Homemade sour dough bread and apple jam.
Apple jam is one of my favourites. We spiced it with vanilla and gingerbread spices.

We also printed a little card. We designed the illustration together and then carved it in linoleum.

Today we stayed in and I started a new knitting project. For the first time I am knitting a vegan pair of mittens. I used cotton yarn and plan to sew some inlays to make them even warmer.

Here a little list of my monthly favourites.
I read "You can't touch my hair" by Phoebe Robinson 
I listend a lot to this record by "Ton, Steine, Scherben" cause it reflects so good my feeling of not wanting to identify with the construct of a nation.
And again I was listening a lot to Dog face from Umeå.
My favourite podcasts were the swedish podcast Grönsakslandet om odling i Sverige.
And the german podcast Last September in Monaco ich leide und lache mit. 
Otherwise I am in love with my new planer from Ein guter Plan
and this facial mask by the organic skincare brand Mádara.


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