winter deco

Here is a little sneek in our apartment and some winter deco ideas. I don't like very kitchy christmas decorations with lots of glitter and colours. At home I keep it simple with natural materials and a decoration I also still can have in january/ february, hope you can get some inspiration.
this is the "kakelugn" in our sleeping room with little fir trees and a snowflake garland

a close up of the snowflake garland, it is so easy to make a tutorial you can find here

right on the other streetside of our house is a little hill perfect for gathering blueberry and lingonberry twigs

another simple gift wraping idea. Check out youtube for snowflake croching tutorials

I love those simple origami lights so much. They look so beautiful with and without a light --> check this tutorial if you want to make some of your own

if you coat the paper with oil it turns transparent and looks even more beautiful


  1. Thank you! Those are lovely ideas. I especially like the origami candle holders. Right now I've got gold snowflakes on the glass in my door, which look pretty lovely. I will definitely try a garland.


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