carrot skin boost

The winter is a hard time for our skin. I feel like I am off and on look pale and tired. The beautiful summer glow and tan is gone and my veins are shinning through my thin skin especially under the eyes. But with enough sleep, water and care you can give your skin a boost to get through those rough winter months.
Perfect for a carrot skin boost, light moisturizer. Like usual this recipe is very easy to follow and your skin will love it. The beta carotene of the carrot oil gives your skin some extra glow and the combination of organic argan oil and jojoba oil gives moisture, helps to regernerate your skin and gives some extra protection during these cold months.

My recipe is made for 50gr. Please make sure to have a super clean working space. I deinfect all my working tools and place them on paper sheets or a fresh towl.
Next to the ingredients you will need a thermometer, spatula, mixing glasses ( you can also use empty jam jars ), cosmetic container and a hand blender, make sure to deinfect those as well. Before getting started wash your hands!

 lipid phase
  • 5 gr argan oil
  • 3 gr jojoba oil
  • 2,5 gr shea butter
  • 0,5 gr 1-hexadecanol, cetyl alcohol ( gives more texture to the moisturizer)
  • 1,5 gr emulsan- methyl glucose sesquistearate ( plantbased emulsifier )
Place the mixing glass in a clean pot filled with water. Give the ingredients for the fat phase in the glass. Stear and let them melt. Heat it up to 70 °C.

The lipide phase before heating it up in a water bath,

water phase
  • 35,5 gr distilled water
  • 0,1 gr xanthan gum ( make sure to get the version that you don't have to dissolve in glycerin otherwise add 1,4 gr glycerin --> mix this in an extra deinfected container ) 
  • carrot oil ( not carrot seed oil! ) ca. 10-15 drops
  • essential oils ( I used 3 drops grapefruit, 2 drops vanilla and 1 droplemon myrtle )
Place another mixing glass filled with the distilled water in the pot. Heat the water up to 70 degrees like the fat phase. Both have to have the same temperature to emulsify. Now give the water phase to the fat phase while mixing with the hand blender. Mix for 4 min on highes level, then add the xanthan and mix for another 1-3 min until you have a white yoghurt alike mixture.

The moisturizer after 4 minutes of mixing.

 Now stear with a wooden spoon until the mixture is hand warm. Now add the carrot oil, I used 10 drops add more for a stronger colour.

The moisturizer after adding the carrot oil.
Fill it in a cosmetic container and let it cool down.When it is cooled down add a few drops of your favourite essential oils  you can also add 0,5 gr rokonsal to preserve it longer.

A close up of the texture of our moisturizer.


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