vegan knitting projects february

So it took some time but here a few pictures of my latest vegan knitting projects.

My first pair of vegan mittens was a challange. It felt like it was much harder to get a even colourwork with cotton yarn.

Organic, fair trade pakucho yarn. I love the colours the texture just everything about this yarn.

I got ask a few times to show more pictures of the back of my colour work. Here a little sneak.
I was so happy with the end result. The yarn was perfect for this project and it was definately not my last lopapeysa with vegan yarn.

My latest project. A pair of socks with beautiful linnen yarn I got from Bettina.
I start to love more and more to knit with only plantbased yarns. Feels like this was a step I had to make for my conscience. I stopped late last spring to eat honey and the only non vegan thing left was to also change the yarn I am knitting with. Very long I used organic or local wool yarn and felt okay with this descision. But with becoming more and more certain and confident in my vegan diet and my motivations, the use of animal fibres for my knitting started to feel wrong.
I choose to live vegan to minimize my impact on harming any other beings, taking advantage and exploit them for my own good and purposes. After working for several years on organic farms and making my bachelor degree in organic agriculture becoming vegan was a step I had to make.
Keeping animals is ALWAYS connected with a descision over the life and death of another being.  Long I had the excuse for myself that animals kept animal friendly and organic have a better life and therefor it is totally fine to consume their meat, eggs, milk, wool, skin etc. But even there we often forget there is no more natural way to live for an animal than to live free. Captivity as animal friendly as it might be called is captivity and often leads to sicknesses and abnormalities. A few very good studies and articles about animal health in organic agriculture you can read in german here.
All sentient beings have the will to live for themselves as much as we do. To be born/ raised and die in captivity means we take the most fundamental right for life away from them.
Plus why using animal fibres when there exist so many beautiful plantbased and even ecofriendly yarns nowadays. For everyone who is too lazy to search for vegan alternatives I really can recommend vegan yarns onlineshop check out those beautiful yarns and those beautiful colour ranges they have! Vegan for the animals, vegan for the planet and vegan for the people!


  1. Your knitting (and blog) is beautiful, you have such patience!

    I have knitted, crocheted and spun almost nothing since turning vegan, but would like to change that next winter, with some cotton, bamboo and perhaps seacell yarns.

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