easy rhubarb syrup

I am not a big lemonade drinker since I moved to Nyköping. Mainly because you do not get really good organic lemonade in the grocery stores here.
Like every year around this time we have more rhubarb then we actually can use. Last year every other week a full box of harvested rhubarb was standing on the street outside our apartment so everyone can take some for free.
After lots of rhubarb cake and pies the last weeks I wanted to try something else and thought to make a very easy simple rhubarb syrup whe can blend with soda water, fresh lemon and ice cubes to make our own perfect lemonade. And the best everyone can decide how sweet they want to have it. 

  • 2,5 kg fresh rhubarb
  • 1 l water
  • 600 gr organic sugar
  • a pinch of vanilla
Wash and slice the rhubarb in pieces. Cook them with the water for 30 min until the rhubarb is mushy and lost most of its colour. 
Strain the rhubarb water mixture and then cook the rhubarb water together with the sugar and a pinch of vanilla powder for another 20-30 min. Fill it hot in bottles and let it cool down. Enjoy with water/soda water/ lemon and ice cubes.


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