vegan organic tinted lip balm

The last weeks it was quiet here and on my instagram profile. Mainly because my garden, the garden at work and another garden I take care as a volunteer need all my attention.
But back with new energy I want to share a very easy recipe for a vegan tinted lip balm. Over years I was using the tinted lip balms by burts bees. But after turning vegan I decided to not buy them again when one gets empty. Sadly I couldn't find a vegan one that could replace my favourite colour "tiger lily" a light apricot tone. So instead of waisting more time in searching I decided to just make my own. In case you want to have a "normal" plain transparent lip balm just skip the mineral pigments.

The colour looks much lighter on the lips. I am so happy with result. from now on I can mix my favourite colours.

lip balm ( makes 3)
  • 4 gr jojoba oil
  • 2,5 gr carnabau wax
  • 1 gr shea butter
  • 1,6 gr cacao butter
  • 4 gr castor oil
  • 0,5 gr mica powder
  • 2 drops essential oil of your choice

First blend the colour of your choice. I wanted to have a light orange tone so I mixed yellow mica powder with red and pink one until I had a light orange tone. You can add more red for a deep red or even brown for a dark red/brownish tone.
Melt all the ingredients except the mineral pigments and the essential oils, in a water bath. When everything is melted add the pigments and two drops essential oils of your choice. Pour everything into lip balm tubes and let it cool down in the fridge.

A little sneek how it looks on my lips.


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